By leveraging on SAP S/4HANA we centralize the hardware and network resources. And, by harnessing on the power of HANA in-memory database business process simplification can be achieved. This stands in contrast to old enterprises that were run into issues of multiple batch-run dependencies. SAP’s HANA is a database. It is all about in memory computing. So, as the data resides in the RAM, it is possible to get immediate real time results. HANA is known for its mass data, agility, cost effectiveness, and all data type processing.

HANA is directed at bringing benefits to the business users and next to the developers. Significantly, the HANA database speed is many times faster compared to traditional databases. By leveraging on HANA our developers can achieve high speed computing. SAP has put its entire ERP into HANA, to make it a multi core, massive, and parallel platform.  Available as cloud and mobile versions HANA is available on the cloud and also has a mobility platform it brings cutting edge technologies for client/business efficiency.


    VKOLLAB TECHNOLOGIES brings the state-of-art technologies to deliver personalized and contextual experiences for clients across different sectors. We also leverage on smart design thinking to position and align our clients with new business models, incrementally.


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