Data Science, ML & AI Services

VKOLLAB Technologies is a pioneer in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence services. Importantly, our data science engineers help in quality analysis of your data. Our machine learning and AI architects apply the data through innovative machine learning and advanced analytics techniques.

Also, by leveraging on bleeding-edge machine learning methods and the tried-and-true approaches we bring higher ROI within far lesser turnaround times. The team of technology experts at VKOLLAB Technologies includes

  • Data scientists that come with an advanced knowledge of mathematics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, innovative analytics skills
  • Machine learning engineers that come with advanced programming, distributed systems, and data pipeline building skills
  • AI practitioners who are not just AI researches, but bring lots of business acumen to make the impact

To reduce uncertainty and maximize actionable insights, our data science experts split projects and complete the work in multiple phases. We collaborate with our customers to establish Machine Learning Operations across the lifecycle that includes,

  • Consistently tracking experiments
  • Establishing production data pipelines
  • Moving models to production
  • Post-implementation performance monitoring and enhancements

SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence aims to bring data-driven innovation and intelligence across the enterprise. It also helps to unify scalable enterprise AI and intelligent information management. 

The SAP Data Intelligence experts at VKOLLAB Technologies collaborate with different businesses to extract value from dispersed data. This also means to scale AI and embrace the power of open technology.

By leveraging on the SAP Data Intelligence solution,

  • We integrate and connect siloed data assets
  • We manage discovery, refinement, governance, and adaptation of all the distributed data
  • We provide the ability to merge audio, image, video, text, and IoT streams with structured corporate and third-party data

Beneficially SAP Data Intelligence offers flexible operations. It is available as both on-premise and cloud. So, data from any source can be used for better business results and outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence

VKOLLAB Technologies leverages on SAP-AI and helps businesses to make confident decisions, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver human experiences with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This finally seeps down to improved customer support and keeps businesses moving. 

By leveraging on HANA, SAP’s cloud platform, we manage effectively databases of information. HANA helps us to replicate and ingest structured data from relational databases, apps, and other sources.

Beneficially, HANA can run on-premise or via the cloud. Information is collected from different sources like mobile and desktop computers. Information is also collected from smart phones or tablets used by the field staff. The purchase orders, and other data relating to transactions can be analyzed and understood by HANA.

We aim to re-enact the high rate of success achieved by Walmart, at every client’s business. Our HANA experts help to process high volume of transaction records within seconds. This means to operate faster and control back office costs. Significantly, we also bring the benefit of consolidating the processes and resources needed to handle the work.


Machine learning

As understood, machine learning enables computers to learn from data rather than through explicit programming. VKOLLAB, a pioneer in machine learning brings forth all the advantages of machine learning. 

  • We leverage on the best algorithms and highly performing models to predict outcomes
  • Our data scientists ingest the most appropriate data (accurate and clean)
  • Our team of machine learning experts achieve accurate predictions by automation of this process of modeling, training the model and testing

Machine Learning is now the game-changer, and the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning transforms the entire digital ecosystem of your organization. By leveraging on SAP Leonardo Machine Learning our experts help your businesses to achieve higher revenue, re-invent processes, provide quality work time, and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Why SAP Leonardo Machine Learning?

  • Analyze all the inputs (image, video, speech, etc) that the system received in the organization
  • Analyzed data is processed and modeled for particular and specific work tasks
  • Output is tested in the real-time situation and feed backs is provided

We leverage on SAP Leonardo Machine Learning to promote conversational interfaces. SAP Leonardo is a robust data science platform built-in to capture data. Some of its applications are found in,

  • Brand intelligence
  • Resume matching
  • Customer retention insights
  • Cash applications

Significantly, our SAP Leonardo Machine Learning services are directed at helping the industry to innovate and change the way businesses are managed.

    VKOLLAB TECHNOLOGIES brings the state-of-art technologies to deliver personalized and contextual experiences for clients across different sectors. We also leverage on smart design thinking to position and align our clients with new business models, incrementally.


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