About Us


VKOLLAB TECHNOLOGIES is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. We are an end-to-end, reliable, innovative, value-driven and affordable SAP business solutions provider. Our full-scale SAP solutions help firms to streamline and simplify business processes. Our focused efforts are directed towards shrinking innovation cycles. We ensure that each client’s business gains from far lesser time-to-market and offers a competitive pricing for continuous business growth and momentum.

With VKOLLAB you are totally assured of successful SAP project delivery, implementation, rollout, and consolidation. You are also assured of technology portfolio rationalization, upgrades and migrations. This is evident as enterprises capably leveraging on big data to better market their product offerings.

Our Values

VKOLLAB Technologies adheres and upholds a strong and cherished value system in all its business processes, and IT project engagements. 

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    We have built our value system on fairness. This is visibly seen in all our dealings with our clients, personnel, beneficiaries, and partners.

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    At VKOLLAB, we place high importance on honesty, truthfulness and transparency. For us, all commercial interests and economic gains are only secondary. Any course of action that we deem fit, and helps to create value for our clients, will be taken-up. Our personnel believe in generating phenomena value for your business, perennially. 

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    Trust & Confidence

    We have built our business on your good will, good relations, and trust. This is seen as internal and external dynamics wherein the true spirit of teamwork drives our actions to achieve promising results. Simply by working as an extension to the client’s internal teams we ensure trust and confidence.

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    Our trained and experienced personnel bring the required commitment and dedication to each client engagement. As experts in SAP project management, we have developed a calculated and cautious use of internal and external resources. Our people’s experience and professional maturity helps to impart innovation, further ethical conduct and achieve transparency at all client engagements.

Looking for SAP Application DevelopmentSAP UpgradeSAP ManagementSAP Advanced Track & Trace for PharmaSAP U15/FIORI SAP S/4 HANA Consulting?

SAP Development

SAP helps to run the world better, improves people’s lives, and eases the way businesses are managed. Understandably, SAP is world’s leading provider of business software. Different modules of SAP help in developing solutions for enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, and related applications and services. SAP drives meaningful impact globally. For example, by leveraging on SAP HANA customers can simplify and create breakthroughs that solve complex, and intractable problems.

SAP Upgrade

SAP upgrade refers to a major release change, and an update used when applying EHPs over an existing product, applying Support Packages or installing an Add-On. The upgrade procedure includes a complex set of tasks and working on almost all ABAP and SAP Java technologies. Our end-to-end SAP upgrades start from the operating system level, move through the database and culminate with the SAP product. Our chief differentiator is to review and suggest the most common settings.

SAP Management

SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) are established processes to maintain, enhance and manage enterprise SAP environments. Our SAP management services include development, implementation, integration, testing, maintenance and support (functional and technical), back-up and recovery and help desk services. SAP management helps to achieve cost and operational efficiency, improves agility and time to market.

Advanced Track & Trace

SAP Advanced Track and Trace is an end-to-end enterprise solution for the pharmaceutical industry. It helps to comply with drug serialization and reporting. Public authorities and watch agencies leverage on advanced track and trace to fight counterfeiting and illicit trade. Beneficially, it integrates serialization with processes and offers country-ready reporting packages.


We leverage on SAP UI5 to enhance the user experience. Significantly, SAP UI5 helps to create apps with rich user interfaces for Web business applications. By leveraging on the power of SAP Fiori most of the SAP functions, such as workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks can be addressed.


By leveraging on SAP S/4 HANA we centralize the hardware and network resources. And, by harnessing on the power of HANA in-memory database business process simplification can be achieved. This stands in contrast to old enterprises that were run into issues of multiple batch-run dependencies.

Our Vison & Mission


To offer the best-in-class and industry-aligned service offerings and solutions by leveraging on the innovative and emerging SAP technologies


To achieve quantifiable business outcomes by integrating emerging technologies to further new growth opportunities and streamlining operations


The success of any IT project is greatly dependent on the competencies and professional maturity of the team members. VKOLLAB Technologies’ team of IT architects, consultants and QA specialists offer reliable and value-driven SAP development and management services.

As each team member contributes to the enterprise level application development, every client engagement demands high level of collaboration, coordination and swift operations. We ensure that our people work together and collaborate more effectively. We have ensured that, each team member brings

  • A good of understanding the inter-relationships of SAP modules and systems
  • A broader knowledge of the system with no scope for any narrow focus

By creating an environment of professionalism, all aspects like personality differences between members are avoided. We prioritize projects and choose only those that can create long term value for the clients. It is a point of consensus that, cross-training within the team will drive the needful results.

We have focused on continuous training and thereby retained competent and dedicated people. All the new functionalities are covered which will benefit our business, the client and project teams alike.



  • End-to-end IT strategy consulting
  • Comprehensive knowledge process consulting
  • Consulting on all SAP Project management
  • Platform usability consulting (UI5, Fiori)
  • Robust frameworks and tested methodologies
  • Adherence to business process reference models
  • Complete process mapping solutions
  • Business processes driven by value
  • Providing SAP technical assessment services
  • Support on latest SAP infrastructure
  • Innovative SAP technologies for maximum business efficiency
  • Define SAP’s best practices

    VKOLLAB TECHNOLOGIES brings the state-of-art technologies to deliver personalized and contextual experiences for clients across different sectors. We also leverage on smart design thinking to position and align our clients with new business models, incrementally.


    C-1109, Bhavya’s Tulasivanam, Navodaya Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500 072


    +91 40 48570579